What is it?

Bill Bugger is a bill tracking and notification program.

It was designed to track bills for both your personal bills as well as for bills that can be split up within a group (like room mates). . Not only does it track your bills, but it can give you a running total for bills for the week, as well as a total for each bill and group. It also sends out an email to you every sunday to let you know what bills are due the coming week as well as payments on bills that are past due.


I developed this program to... well... track by bills, because i am a forgetful person. Bill Bugger was designed and developed by a single person named Brian French.

  • Possible RSS feed of payments.
  • Future

    I do have some features planned for future releases, the include the following:

    • Integration with iCal/Outlook Calendar support.
    • I also have a bug report/ feature request page setup for any ideas you may have (requires registration).
    • Recurring Payments based on both the length of time as well as the remaining balance.


    1. Can Bill Bugger pay my bills?

    No and no... I won't pay your bills for you :-p, and it wont connect to your bank and pay your bills for you. It was designed just to track payments that you have due on bills.

    2. How much does it cost?

    This is free as in beer! Thanks to google. I may update it to have a paid subscription to have the ads removed. I always take donations too!;-)

    3. I found an error, what do i do?

    Bill Bugger is in Beta. What this means is that all of the features I want in it are already there, but i'm accepting ideas for future updates. However, even with all of my extensive testing, i may have missed something. If you find one, please let me know!